The Forma-Tech Wall Building System is a unique building technology for constructing energy efficient, insulated, reinforced concrete walls and retaining walls. This innovative and award-winning system was designed by a Melbourne builder, developed in Victoria and is manufactured in Australia. Forma-Tech is the next generation of Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) building systems that is thermally superior to conventional ICF systems and offers a range of direct benefits for home owners, architects, engineers, builders and installers:

  • Exceptional thermal, fire & sound insulation
  • Significant savings on heating, cooling and maintenance
  • Water tanks can be integrated into walls & retaining walls
  • Reduced construction time and costs
  • 4-hour fire rated

Applications include:

  • House walls &¬†Retaining walls
  • Curved walls &¬†fences
  • Basements & fire bunkers
  • planter boxes and garden walls
  • Water tanks & swimming pools

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